E0013 – Dave, the Introverted Networker

//E0013 – Dave, the Introverted Networker

E0013 – Dave, the Introverted Networker

As an introvert you know. You know how hard it is to network and do the things that seem so easy to others. Well, meet Dave. He not only recognized this hole in his game, but he embraced it and has gone on to teach others how to harness it.

In this episode Dave shares what he know about combating social anxiety, being an introvert in business, helping introverts with their job search and networking, boardroom life, cutting through the crap, and helping us understand the difference between soccer, rugby, and Aussie Rules Football.

Dave Byrnes

Introverted Networker

Links discussed in this podcast
Fitzsimmons Brewing Company
Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts
YouTube: The Introverted Networker
Book: The Will Power Instinct
Calgary Rugby

Hosted by Michael Dean Dargie
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