E0014 – Brand Alchemist and Digital Jedi

//E0014 – Brand Alchemist and Digital Jedi

E0014 – Brand Alchemist and Digital Jedi

Tune in to Season 1, Episode 14 of the RebelRebel Podcast and meet David Schmeikal from BRAND IS TRUTH INC.

David is a kickass creative who sits down and lays it all out. How did he become a “Brand Alchemist and Digital Jedi”? What impact did having a brain tumour have on his life? What kind of music does a rebellious ambivert who hunts unicorns for a living like to listen to?

Grab this episode and discover how David helps his clients find and fly their freak flag by finding, embracing, and fearlessly living their brand.


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Brand is Truth Inc.
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Hosted by Michael Dean Dargie
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Michael Dargie is a creative professional who specializes in brand strategy, sports a spiffy right-hemisphere and an insatiable desire to push limits. Parent, entrepreneur, creative professional, award-winning producer, artist, musician, actor, improviser, writer, director, host and emcee. He's host of the RebelRebel Podcast; "Dropbear" of Dropbear and Panda Save the World Podcast and comedy team; and can often be found on the stage of the world famous Loose Moose Theatre. To round things out he holds blackbelts in two styles of Japanese jujitsu, is an advanced scuba diver, a championship cart racer, and motorcycle expert.

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