Host of the RebelRebel Podcast, Michael Dargie
For Creative Rebels and Entrepreneurs.

think audaciously.
act courageously.

New episodes every week.
For Creative Rebels and Entrepreneurs.

think audaciously.
act courageously.

New episodes every week.
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The RebelRebel Podcast

The RebelRebel Podcast is a regular dive into the hearts and minds of creative rebels and entrepreneurs from around the globe, it’s a love letter to those mad fools who think audaciously and act courageously in service to making the world a better and more interesting place.

Past guests include the founder of Reebok, the woman who invented beeswax food wrap, the guy who dropped Hans Gruber off of the Nakatomi Tower in Die Hard, the dude who designed Predator, a cool cat who built DOOM, an award-winning director of Rick & Morty, a couple who runs one of the top motorcycle schools in Canada, the guy who started iStockPhoto, a best selling author or two, and dozens and dozens and dozens of other wild and crazy people who are out there doing it.

The RebelRebel Podcast is listened to in more than 75 countries and celebrates those creative rebels and entrepreneurs worldwide who are getting it done. They’re doing it. What is this “it” we’re talking about? It’s that thing that most people don’t do. You know. It. Yeah, that.

Doing What Rebels Do

We talk about life, the universe, and what makes us get up every morning with a bounce in our step … or how we claw our way across the kitchen floor to get that first cup of coffee. Sometimes, it’s about deadlines and exploring limitations, but mostly, it’s about challenging ourselves to make a difference and not play small.

Hosted by Michael Dean Dargie.

Outstanding Business Series

Outstanding Business Series

Outstanding Business Series

Best Host | Outstanding Business Podcast |  Outstanding Title Theme | Outstanding Original Music

“I had the pleasure of being a guest on the RebelRebel Podcast recently. Michael and I talked about many things, including my Motorcycle Tour company, Freedom Biker Tours. This was a great experience with Michael and RebelRebel; I would highly recommend this to anyone who thinks audaciously and acts courageously.”
Joseph ‘JD’ Dubois | Founder: Freedom Biker Tours

I Keep Coming Back For More. Listening to these podcasts, especially in a time like today where there aren’t many networking opportunities to chat to people and hear their store, inspires me a lot. I got off track for awhile and didn’t keep up with the episodes and once I got back into them, I could see a direct result of entrepreneurial energy spark in me again. Give them a listen – something someone says could change a big part of your life.

Ryan Hnetka

Great mix of food-for-thought and funny. I like the variety of guests from different fields. The one constant is I learn something in every episode and take away something to think about. Bonus, I often laugh out loud too!


Such great content. I take so much away every time I listen to this podcast and find myself relistening often. If you’re not following this one you should be!

Lisa Genovese

Great job! Absolutely love the podcast. Keep up the great work!


Fantastic. A great listen for entrepreneurs who want to gain a new outlook on business. Full of anecdotes, advice, and intriguing guests.


Inspiring Interesting Authentic. This podcast is captivating. I was particularly impressed with the call to Callie B Elwayns ‘Bold and Beautiful’ and her wisdom about being true to yourself in the moment and how that is particularly true in live performance. Really a beacon for anyone seeking inspiration from people authentic to who they are.

Elisa Di Napoli

Great Conversations. Michael is an excellent host who provides his audience with value through the engagement of great conversations with exceptional guests. The show is worth a listen.


Awesome guests, awesome topics, awesome host. I’ve been an entrepeneur my whole life – my first business was an ice cream truck, now I own an ad agency – and I absolutely love hearing other entrepeneurs share their secrets (which is rare). And you can’t find a better blend of enterpeneurs and secrets anywhere!! Bravo Michael!!!!

Hate these guys

Inspiring Convos. This show is relatable, engaging, and inspiring. It’s a great listen!


Michael Dean Dargie delivers. This podcast is a fun ride. Dargie’s approachable style and deep dives with guests offer a wealth of inspiration and insights, perfect for creatives looking for that spark or anyone who appreciates a well-crafted conversation—a thoroughly enjoyable ride from start to finish, filled with moments that will ignite your curiosity and passion.

Mike Rucker, PhD

Fun listen. The RebelRebel Podcast has a lot of interesting creatives and business professionals on the show. I love hearing about what the guests do, their experiences. The conversations are pretty laid-back.


Thank you for having Mandy on the podcast! As an artist that has had the 19th century academic art training, I wholeheartedly applaud her for sharing her wisdom and training with the world.


Calling all rebels!

Are you a creative rebel or entrepreneur itching to tell your story? Well, we love a great story and have a weak spot for those who say “fuckit” to the status quo.

If you are one of those rare breeds of humans who are out there “doing it” instead of just talking about it, we want to talk to you.