About the RebelRebel Podcast

The RebelRebel Podcast shines a light on global creative trailblazers and go-getters who are making waves. They’re taking action. Wondering what this “action” is? It’s that bold move many hesitate to take. Yup, that very one.

We love rebels–the people who challenge the status quo and do things differently—and sharing their stories with you is our way of giving back and hopefully create even more rebels. Now, with more rebel.

Michael Dean Dargie


His motto is to “do cool and weird shit with cool and weird people.” Michael is a polymath with a penchant for finding, shaping, and sharing other people’s stories.

You can find him on stage at the world-famous Loose Moose Theatre or in front of an audience of entrepreneurs and business owners, teaching them how to create the most memorable brand.

Bettina Dargie

BETTINA, Studio Manager + Media

Equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management, a minor in Marketing, and a Master’s in International Fashion Marketing, Bettina possesses the perfect blend of business acumen and creative flair.

Not only does she keep this ship headed in the right direction, but she’s also busy devising killer marketing strategies and developing our social media game.

Keegan Dargie

KEEGAN, Producer

Keegan is a wizard with all things audio, sales, and the fine art of getting shit done.

It doesn’t hurt that he’s also a whiz at crafting tech that boosts growth, cleverly blending automation and AI like a techno alchemist. He’s transformed tedious tasks into streamlined operations with machine learning and LLM wizardry.

Lokimus Prime

LOKI, Minister of Mischief

Introducing our Feline of Frolic and Master of Midday Naps, Lokimus Prime! With a penchant for purrfect pranks and a heart full of play, Loki oversees all our studio’s light-hearted antics.

From managing workspace capers to plotting playful pursuits, Loki’s key roles involve sparking joy and boosting our spirits. Equipped with his trusty spring and string arsenal, Loki is on constant alert to ambush moments of dullness and regale us with his delightful banter.