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Motorcycles, Music, and Making Connections


In this episode of the RebelRebel Podcast, host Michael Dargie engages in a fascinating conversation with David Castro, the visionary behind Broadcasting from Nashville, Tennessee, Castro shares his journey as an entrepreneur, his insights on networking, and his passion for motorcycles and salsa dancing.

Castro delves into the inception of his startup, Icebreaker, explaining how it aids people in making meaningful connections. He stresses the importance of networking and how Icebreaker facilitates this by allowing users to find and connect with others sharing similar interests and goals.

David also opens up about his personal life, including the challenges he faced in his childhood, his experience with postpartum depression in his family, and his eventual divorce. He talks about how these experiences shaped his outlook on life and influenced his entrepreneurial journey.

The conversation takes a lighter turn as David shares his newfound love for motorcycle riding, explaining how it connects him with nature and provides a sense of freedom. He also touches upon his Puerto Rican heritage and his late start in learning salsa dancing, showcasing his multifaceted personality and interests.

Throughout the episode, David Castro embodies the spirit of a true rebel – someone who thinks audaciously and acts courageously, making his mark in the world while staying true to his roots and values.

Episode Highlights

  • David Castro’s journey as an entrepreneur and the creation of Icebrekr.
  • Personal anecdotes revealing his childhood challenges and family life.
  • Insights into the importance of networking in personal and professional growth.
  • Castro’s newfound hobbies: motorcycle riding and salsa dancing.
  • Discussion on overcoming life’s adversities and embracing change.


This episode offers a rich tapestry of stories, advice, and insights from David Castro, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, personal development, or simply a good story of resilience and passion.

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About the Author: Michael Dargie

Michael Dean Dargie is a sought-after international speaker and the host of the RebelRebel Podcast. He has been nominated for Outstanding Host, as well as Outstanding Business Series in the Canadian Podcast Awards numerous times. Michael is the CEO and "Creative Zealot" at Make More Creative—a branding agency serving creative rebels and businesses worldwide.