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“No matter what, your passion will always be greater than your doubt.”

In this episode of The RebelRebel Podcast, host Michael Dargie interviews Lindsey Coffey, Miss Earth 2020 and a passionate environmental advocate. Lindsey shares her journey from being a model to becoming an eco-conscious activist and the first U.S. representative to win the international title of Miss Earth. The episode dives into Lindsey’s work with Eco-Branders, a company dedicated to environmentally friendly branded merchandise, and her activism in Washington, D.C., lobbying for critical environmental and humanitarian bills.

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Lindsey recounts her childhood in rural Pennsylvania, where her connection to nature began, and the pivotal experiences that shaped her environmental advocacy. She discusses the impact of living through South Africa’s severe water crisis and how it fueled her commitment to addressing global environmental issues. Lindsey’s dedication to making a difference extends to her work with organizations like the World Wildlife Fund and Remake, where she actively pushes for legislative changes to support sustainability and fair labor practices.

Throughout the episode, Lindsey emphasizes the power of individual voices in driving change and the importance of living in the present moment. Her inspiring journey from modeling to environmental activism showcases the profound impact of passion and perseverance in making a positive difference in the world.


“No matter what, your passion will always be greater than your doubt.”
“One voice can impact the lives of your family, your neighbor, or even an entire community.”
“Personal connection is what will always motivate somebody to speak or to take action.”
“We need to change. This world is not the world that we were meant to be living in.”
“The only way we can get to anywhere is by not knowing because that’s how we’re guided.”


  • Lindsey’s transition from modeling to environmental activism.
  • Her experience living through South Africa’s water crisis.
  • The founding and mission of Eco-Branders.
  • Lindsey’s work with World Wildlife Fund and Remake.
  • The impact of winning Miss Earth 2020.
  • The power of individual voices in creating change.
  • The importance of living in the present moment.


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Guest: Lindsey Coffey, LINDSEY-COFFEY.COM

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About the Author: Michael Dargie

Michael Dean Dargie is a sought-after international speaker and the host of the RebelRebel Podcast. He has been nominated for Outstanding Host, as well as Outstanding Business Series in the Canadian Podcast Awards numerous times. Michael is the CEO and "Creative Zealot" at Make More Creative—a branding agency serving creative rebels and businesses worldwide.