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“Flawless execution is what makes a company memorable.”

In this episode of The RebelRebel Podcast, host Michael Dargie engages in an illuminating conversation with Brad Warren, the mastermind behind Our Invisible Empire. Brad shares his journey from his initial entrepreneurial ventures to creating a multifaceted business empire that provides comprehensive support for small businesses. He discusses the philosophy and operations behind Our Invisible Empire, emphasizing the importance of consolidating various business services under one roof to optimize efficiency and support for startups and struggling enterprises.

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Brad reveals the challenges and triumphs of his path, including the significant risks he took and the learning curves he navigated. He talks about the impact of the pandemic on his businesses, how they managed to thrive during such a tumultuous time, and the importance of timing and adaptability in business success. His candid reflections on managing rapid growth, financial oversight, and the importance of detailed data tracking offer invaluable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Brad also dives into his personal life, sharing his love for spending time with his kids and his passion for gardening and music. His transparency about the pressures and mental health challenges that come with entrepreneurship, coupled with his relentless drive and innovative mindset, paint a comprehensive picture of a dedicated and dynamic business leader.

Cool Things Brad Says

  1. “Once you get everything you want, it’s not going to make you any happier.”
  2. “Every single thing in business can be decided by numbers.”
  3. “I think you get bred along those, yeah. But it was always the case, man. I think I don’t register the risk I take.”
  4. “Flawless execution is what makes a company memorable.”
  5. “Your financial forecast is everything.”

Episode Highlights

  • Brad Warren’s journey from early entrepreneurial ventures to creating Our Invisible Empire.
  • The concept and operations of Our Invisible Empire, consolidating various business services.
  • Challenges faced and lessons learned from managing rapid growth.
  • The impact of the pandemic and how Brad’s businesses navigated it.
  • Importance of detailed data tracking and financial oversight in business success.
  • Personal insights into Brad’s life, including his family time, gardening, and love for music.
  • Reflections on the pressures and mental health challenges of entrepreneurship.
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and the significance of self-awareness and data tracking.

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About the Author: Michael Dargie

Michael Dean Dargie is a sought-after international speaker and the host of the RebelRebel Podcast. He has been nominated for Outstanding Host, as well as Outstanding Business Series in the Canadian Podcast Awards numerous times. Michael is the CEO and "Creative Zealot" at Make More Creative—a branding agency serving creative rebels and businesses worldwide.