Step back. Chill out. Take a breath.

Our lives are literally and metaphorically tied to nature and the river. Welcome Eric Inman the Evolve Wild ecopsychologist; he’s just the guy to take you on a personal and cultural transformation journey—to evolve wild, as it were. Eric is one of the good guys, an amazing human who understands the power of connecting to the natural world and how that translates to living a deeper, more meaningful life.

Disconnect so that you can connect. Inman is an Ecopsychologist and river guide on a mission to reacquaint us with what matters most—nature.

Driven by a singular question—”Why do humans knowingly risk the planet’s well-being?”—Eric Inman delved into psychology. Yet, it was his adventures—backpacking, skiing, and raft guiding—that truly shaped his understanding. This passion led to a career in wilderness therapy and a master’s in ecopsychology. Recognizing nature’s profound influence on human perspective, Eric founded Evolve Wild, offering immersive experiences in the wilderness and a community for like-minded individuals.

Diving deep into his passion for the environment and how it shapes human perspectives, Eric talked about his journey from backpacking and skiing to founding Evolve Wild. Those interested in hearing more about Eric’s transformative experiences and the power of nature on the human psyche can tune into this episode.

Learn more about Eric Inman, the Evolve Wild ecopsychologist, at or just give him a call at 1-971-319-1667 to learn more.

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