Taking a deep dive

Take a deep dive with Jeff Barnes as he navigates from Navy life to entrepreneurship. Learn how he leverages automation and systems to disrupt traditional business norms.

From the roaring engines of a Navy fast-attack submarine to the quiet hum of setting up events for the Angel Investors Network, Jeff Barnes knows a thing or two about adapting and conquering. Not just a man with a nuclear engineering technology degree in his arsenal, Jeff’s passion lies in dissecting businesses and infusing them with the magic sauce of automation and systems.

In this high-octane discussion, we dive deep. Jeff unfolds the complexities of his transition from military life to the civilian hustle, navigating choppy waters and uncharted territories. He talks about feeling the constraints of a nine-to-five, despite having all the outward markers of success. Talk about a guy who doesn’t just rest on his laurels—Jeff’s the poster child for rebounding from adversity, and he’s got the scars to prove it. But let’s not forget, those scars tell stories of resilience and a damn-good Rebel spirit.

Episode Highlights

  • Jeff’s fascinating transition from Navy life to the civilian world
  • His journey into business via unconventional routes
  • The birth of Digital Evolution Marketing Group
  • The potent blend of Jeff’s expertise in automation and systems
  • An urgent call for people to think critically and question established norms
  • Jeff’s refreshing take on face-to-face communication in business

Links From This Episode:

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  • Book By Jeff: All Hands On Deck – Amazon
  • Book By Jeff: The Ultimate Guide to Self Directed Investment and Retirement Planning – Amazon
  • Angel Investors Network – Website
  • Digital Evolution Marketing Group – Website
  • Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad – Amazon
  • Book: Think and Grow Rich – Amazon
  • Book: Traction – Amazon
  • Book: Man’s Search For Meaning – Amazon
  • Book: Unbroken – Amazon

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