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Warm Feet. Warmer Hearts. Transforming The Sock Business.

The RebelRebel Podcast Hosted by Michael Dargie with Special Guest Tommy Zizian

In an enlightening episode of the RebelRebel Podcast, I had the pleasure of conversing with Tommy Zizian, the innovative mind behind Sock Rocket. Tommy’s journey as a “sock monger” began with a simple subscription service. His vision evolved into a multifaceted business, offering custom sock designs for various organizations while maintaining a robust retail side. The unique aspect of Sock Rocket is its commitment to social good – for every pair of socks sold, three pairs are donated to those in need. This philanthropic model exemplifies the transformative impact of social enterprise principles in business.

Business with a Heart

Tommy emphasized the dual benefits of Sock Rocket’s model. Not only does it provide essential items to the less fortunate, but it also allows customers to participate in a larger social mission. This dual impact creates a deeper value proposition for consumers, aligning their purchases with societal contributions.

Strategies for Success

Running a company like Sock Rocket is not without its challenges. Tommy touched upon the complexities of supply chain management and innovative marketing strategies, including leveraging AI technology. His candid advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: embrace the journey, including the failures. Each setback is a stepping stone towards success. Tommy believes that the world needs more social enterprises focused on meeting basic human needs.

Looking to the Future

With an eye on the horizon, Tommy envisions expanding Sock Rocket’s B2B operations while staying true to their core mission through their Sock-of-the-Month program. This balance between growth and mission is the cornerstone of their success.

Actionable Insights

1. Tommy’s Roadmap:
  • Expand B2B business while maintaining a focus on impactful marketing.
  • Plan for post-pandemic business realities.
  • Embrace and learn from failures.
  • Practice decisive action-taking.
2. Sock Rocket’s Mission:
  • Continue the tradition of producing and selling custom socks.
  • Maintain the commitment to donate three pairs for every pair sold.
  • Broaden partnerships with agencies for distribution to those in need.
  • Promote the social enterprise model.
3. For the Marketing Team:
  • Develop and implement comprehensive digital marketing campaigns.
  • Set clear goals and budgets for each campaign.
  • Utilize diverse marketing channels strategically.
4. Guidance for Aspiring Entrepreneurs:
  • Start now, learning through action.
  • View failures as learning opportunities.
  • Seek mentorship and advice.
  • Be bold in decision-making and risk-taking.
  • Reinvest profits for growth.
  • Explore funding and resource options.
5. Parents’ Role in Literacy:
  • Engage in reading with children.
  • Choose books that impart positive values and lessons.
6. For AI and Tech Enthusiasts:
  • Stay updated on AI developments.
  • Explore AI’s potential in solving real-world problems.
  • Consider ethical implications and responsible AI use.


Tommy Zizian’s journey with Sock Rocket is a testament to the power of social entrepreneurship. Through his insights and the action items outlined, we can learn valuable lessons about business, social responsibility, and the impact of innovative thinking in today’s world.

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