The Entrepreneur Business Launch Pad

"Talent is spread evenly, opportunity is not." Host: Michael Dargie, THEREBELREBELPODCAST.COM Guest: Chris Joyce, GUSHER.CO Episode Summary In this inspiring episode of The RebelRebel Podcast, Michael Dargie engages with Chris Joyce, the dynamic CEO of Joyce, [...]

The Source Code For Life Is Story

Turn Thoughts Into Things Host: Michael Dargie, THE REBELREBEL PODCAST Guest: Dave Zaboski, CO-FOUNDER | LAETRO.COM In this captivating episode of Rebel Rebel, host Michael Dargie sits down with Dave Zaboski, a former Disney animator turned entrepreneur. Zaboski [...]

Building Stuff to Make Human Life Better

With special guest Zeze Peters In an episode that literally spans the multiverse and back again, Founder and CEO of Beam City DNA Zeze Peters shares his passion for science, robots, business, and the fine art of improving the human experience. Beam City DNA is an advertising automation tool [...]

Brand Alchemist and Digital Jedi

Tune in to Season 1, Episode 14 of the RebelRebel Podcast and meet David Schmeikal from BRAND IS TRUTH INC. David is a kickass creative who sits down and lays it all out. How did he become a "Brand Alchemist and Digital Jedi"? What impact did having a brain tumour [...]

Evoking Emotion in Marketing

Kat Lesperance is not just passionate about marketing, she absolutely lives for it. Kat, a mother of three, started her powerhouse marketing company Sensible Marketer Inc. a little over a year ago after spending 13+ years in corporate marketing. In this episode we talk about finding her passion for business [...]

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