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Creators of the Lost Art

"Reviving classical art is the most rebellious thing an artist can do today." Host: Michael Dargie, THEREBELREBELPODCAST.COM Guest: Mandy Theis, SCHOOLofATLELIERARTS.COM In this enlightening episode of "The RebelRebel Podcast," host Michael Dargie welcomes Mandy Theis, a passionate [...]

It All Comes Down to Story

‘Bunny’ Batista’s Atelier Artista at cSPACE King Edward Will this be the time you learn how Brian Batista earned his nickname 'Bunny'? Bunny is a creative dynamo who started Atelier Artista on the fourth floor of cSPACE King Edward. Not only is Bunny a terrific artist, he's an exceptional teacher, [...]


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