Branding Expert

The Art of Audacity

Unconventional Collaborations Host: Michael Dargie, THE REBELREBEL PODCAST Guest: Mike Brevik, CYBERDOGZ MARKETING, Chief Barketing Officer RebelRebel Podcast host Michael Dargie sits down with Mike Brevik, the founder and chief barketing officer of CyberDogz. Mike shares his journey [...]

From Madison Avenue to TV Dinners

The Branding Wisdom of Jeff Swystun Greetings, Rebels! In a recent episode of the RebelRebel Podcast, I had the pleasure of diving into the mind of Jeff Swystun, a figure who's traversed the peaks of Madison Avenue to the introspective valleys of authorship. Our conversation was nothing short of [...]

Branding, Books, And Beyond

From Madison Avenue to Authorship Host: Michael Dargie Guest: Jeff Swystun, Branding and Marketing Expert, Author Episode Overview: This episode of the RebelRebel Podcast, hosted by Michael Dargie, features a captivating conversation with Jeff Swystun. Known for his [...]


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