Sock Rocket: A Journey of Social Enterprise and Innovation

Warm Feet. Warmer Hearts. Transforming The Sock Business. The RebelRebel Podcast Hosted by Michael Dargie with Special Guest Tommy Zizian In an enlightening episode of the RebelRebel Podcast, I had the pleasure of conversing with Tommy Zizian, the innovative mind behind Sock Rocket. Tommy's journey as a "sock monger" [...]

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All Your Sock Are Belong To Us with Tommy Zizian

The Journey of a Sock Monger In this episode of the RebelRebel Podcast, Michael Dargie welcomes Tommy Zizian, the founder of Sock Rocket, a social enterprise that donates three pairs of socks for every pair sold.  Tommy's journey from being a line cook, web developer, and eventually [...]

Building Connection and Culture with Doug McNabb

Emotional Power: Fostering Success In this episode of the RebelRebel Podcast, Michael Dargie has an enlightening conversation with Doug McNabb, a seasoned business coach and consultant, former owner of Fabutan, and a passionate entrepreneur. The discussion kicks off with Doug sharing his journey from being a part-time employee [...]

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From Submarines to Start-Ups with Jeff Barnes

Taking a deep dive Take a deep dive with Jeff Barnes as he navigates from Navy life to entrepreneurship. Learn how he leverages automation and systems to disrupt traditional business norms. From the roaring engines of a Navy fast-attack submarine to the quiet hum of setting up events [...]

Benefits of Informal Education

It’s meant to be hard, if it was easy everyone would do it. Jas Takhar is one of those people who appears to have been born with an additional Hustle gene as evidenced by his rise in Canadian Real Estate and high school nickname, JT Money. Perhaps one of his [...]

Fight Night YYC Returns

It's the return of Fight Club for Entrepreneurs. I know. I'm not supposed to talk about it. Fight Club is a network of feisty ‘mastermind’ groups for Founders committed to sustainable profit, lasting impact and a life worth the price they are willing to pay to make it happen. [...]


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