Breaking the Ice

Motorcycles, Music, and Making Connections Host: Michael Dargie, THE REBELREBEL PODCAST Guest: Dave Castro, FOUNDER ICEBREKR.COM In this episode of the RebelRebel Podcast, host Michael Dargie engages in a fascinating conversation with David Castro, the visionary behind [...]

Meet People and Make Friends

Master Class in Content Marketing, Social Media, and Business Stuff Randy Milanovic is the CEO at Kayak Marketing specializing in helping companies win big through content marketing. He makes complex subjects simple to understand and immediately usable. Randy went toe-to-toe with Stage IV Cancer and kicked it's ass, then went [...]

Dave, the Introverted Networker

As an introvert you know. You know how hard it is to network and do the things that seem so easy to others. Well, meet Dave. He not only recognized this hole in his game, but he embraced it and has gone on to teach others how to harness it. [...]

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