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Turn Thoughts Into Things

Guest: Dave Zaboski, CO-FOUNDER | LAETRO.COM

In this captivating episode of Rebel Rebel, host Michael Dargie sits down with Dave Zaboski, a former Disney animator turned entrepreneur. Zaboski recounts his remarkable journey from law to the vibrant world of art and animation, detailing his transition from a student at the Art Center College of Design to a key figure at Disney, and, ultimately, a pioneer in the entrepreneurial space with his company, Laetro.

The episode offers a tour through Disney’s animation studios, where Zaboski refined his skills and grasped the art of storytelling. He shares vivid memories of working on iconic Disney projects, revealing how these experiences moulded his creative outlook and collaborative spirit.

The discussion then shifts to Laetro, a venture marrying art with technology. Zaboski speaks about leveraging AI in the creative industry, focusing on ethical practices and artist remuneration. This part of the conversation sheds light on the evolution of traditional art in the digital era.

Zaboski’s narrative is more than a career chronicle; it embodies lessons in persistence, adaptability, and passion. His insights on AI’s role in creativity, the significance of storytelling in business, and the universality of artistic principles are thought-provoking.

Essential for anyone interested in the fusion of art, technology, and business, this episode offers unique insights into career evolution, embracing change, and the boundless opportunities in creative endeavours.


  • Dave Zaboski’s transition from law to art and animation
  • Insights into Disney’s creative process and storytelling techniques
  • The founding of Laetro and its mission in the creative industry
  • The role of AI in enhancing and challenging traditional art forms
  • Ethical considerations in the use of AI for artistic creation
  • Dave’s philosophy on life, creativity, and the importance of storytelling in business



The Illusions of Life by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson


“You can tell anybody anything as long as you make it entertaining.” – Dave Zaboski

“Creatives believe, iterate, collaborate, risk, and complete.” – Dave Zaboski on the universal laws of creativity

“What do you value? Your values. But most companies do like mission, vision, and values.” – Dave Zaboski on company character

“AI…is an incredible machine learning model that allows for us to aggregate the totality of human information and put it at our fingertips.” – Dave Zaboski on AI

“How spectacularly beautiful and rare this opportunity at life is.” – Dave Zaboski on life’s improbability

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About the Author: Michael Dargie

Michael Dean Dargie is a sought-after international speaker and the host of the RebelRebel Podcast. He has been nominated for Outstanding Host, as well as Outstanding Business Series in the Canadian Podcast Awards numerous times. Michael is the CEO and "Creative Zealot" at Make More Creative—a branding agency serving creative rebels and businesses worldwide.