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“I call myself polyhomourous. I live a mobile lifestyle.”

Guest: Jannette Anderson, BODACITY.CA

In this episode of The RebelRebel Podcast, host Michael Dargie engages in a fascinating conversation with Jannette Anderson, a dynamic and inspiring figure who embodies the essence of a creative rebel and entrepreneur. Jannette shares her journey of becoming a polyhomorous, nomadic entrepreneur, her challenges with conventional norms, and her mission to empower maturepreneurs.

Jannette’s story starts from her childhood, marked by a profound moment of understanding her mother’s financial struggles, which ignited her entrepreneurial spirit. She recounts various business ventures, starting from an impromptu sale of household items at the age of five to running a daycare business at eleven. Her path is a testament to her belief in taking destiny into her own hands through entrepreneurship.

The episode dives deep into Jannette’s vision of “industry rehab” and her efforts to reverse the trend of people being taken out of entrepreneurship. She discusses her new project, Wings Academy, designed to help women create what she calls their revenue runway.

Jannette also talks about her focus on supporting mature entrepreneurs, or “maturepreneurs,” discussing the unique challenges and opportunities they face. She emphasizes the importance of self-worth, confidence, and the ability to adapt to the changing business landscape.

In her conversation with Michael, Jannette Anderson not only shares her entrepreneurial journey but also provides insights into her personal philosophy and the motivation behind her actions. Her story is a compelling narrative of resilience, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of one’s passions, making this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, personal growth, and breaking societal norms.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jannette Anderson’s introduction to her nomadic, entrepreneurial lifestyle.
  • The launch of her Wings Academy program.
  • Focus on empowering maturepreneurs.
  • Childhood story highlighting the onset of her entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Discussion on the challenges faced by older women in entrepreneurship.
  • Insights into Jannette’s personal philosophy and vision for the future.
  • The importance of living a life that matters and making a difference.

Cool things Jannette says

  • “I call myself polyhomorous. I live a mobile lifestyle.”
  • “I am pathologically allergic to winter.”
  • “Entrepreneurship is a key to being able to take your destiny into your own hands.”
  • “I’m called the why whisperer. And my why is that I want to support people in having a yes life.”
  • “There’s a huge opportunity for older entrepreneurs.”

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About the Author: Michael Dargie

Michael Dean Dargie is a sought-after international speaker and the host of the RebelRebel Podcast. He has been nominated for Outstanding Host, as well as Outstanding Business Series in the Canadian Podcast Awards numerous times. Michael is the CEO and "Creative Zealot" at Make More Creative—a branding agency serving creative rebels and businesses worldwide.